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3chi – Delta 8 THC Sauce – Cannabis Derived Terpenes

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1G - Berry White INDICA
1G - Blackberry Kush INDICA HYBRID
1G - God's Gift INDICA
1G - London Pound Cake
1G - London Pound Cake INDICA HYBRID
1G -Snowmen SATIVA

MODUS Knock Out Blend Gummy 2000MG – 5 PACK

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Assorted Flavors HYBRID
Berry Bite SATIVA
Lemon Lime INDICA
Mamba Melon HYBRID
Purple Grape HYBRID
Sour Blue Razz SATIVA
Tropical Fusion INDICA

MODUS Upper Cut Blend Gummy 2000 Gram – 5Pack

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Black Cherry X Limeade - Indica
Mystery Flavor - HYBRID
Passion Fruit x Juicy Guava - SATIVA
Sour Melon X Lemonade - Hybrid
Tropical Mango x Golden Pineapple - HYBRID
White Grape X Fuji Apple - Indica