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BONA FIDE – Blitz Blend [2gram] Cartridges [10PACK] – (Δ8+Δ10+THCP+HHC)

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Durban Poison SATIVA

HIXOTIC – 2G Jeffrey THCO+THCP+D10+HHC Cart – 10 PACK (2000MG)

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Alaskan Thunder F**K SATIVA
Mr. Nice Guy
Pineapple Express HYBRID
Russelwreck SATIVA
Snozzberry INDICA

Mellow Fellow – 4ML (Duo 2ML) Cartridges – 6 PACK

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Panama Red (SATIVA) - White Widow (HYBRID)
Truffle Butter (HYBRID) - Sundae Driver (HYBRID)

NOT YOUR BAKERY – Pastry HHC Cartridge 1G

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Banans Foster INDICA
Blueberry Scone HYBRID
Purple Cobbler INDICA
The Mint Cookie SATIVA
Watermelon Sherbet HYBRID

Not Your Bakery – Δ8+HHC+THCP Pastry Blend Cartridges 1G – 10 PACK

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Bananas Foster
Blueberry Scone
Purple Cobbler
Tangerine Dream
The Mint Cookie
Watermelon Sherbet

PURLYF – 4G Smacked THCH+HHCP+D8+D11 Live Resin Cart – 5 PACK (4000MG)

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Berry Gelato HYBRID
Gobstopper INDICA
Hawaiian Dream SATIVA
Strawberry Lemonade SATIVA