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Hixotic Trap’D Out Jeffrey 3000Mg Disposable -10 Pack

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Candyland SATIVA
Laughing Buddha SATIVA
Space Cake HYBRID
Tigers Blood INDICA
Zombies Og INDICA

NOT YOUR BAKERY 3G Puff Pastry D9+THCH+THCJD+THCP Disposable (10 PACK)

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Blueberry Poundcake
Grape Ape Gushers
Mango Runtz
Rosin Fruit
Strawberry Strudel
Watermelon Sugar

NYB Let’s Go! 6000mg Takeoff Blend THC – 6ml Disposable – 5 PACK

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Blue Dream (Indica) + White Runtz (Sativa)
Grape Jam (Indica) + Berry Haze (Sativa)

Trip Drip 8×3 Disposable Vape 3g – 5 PACK

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Cherry Pie HYBRID
Grape Ape INDICA
Green Crack SATIVA
Northern Lights INDICA