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DIMO LOOPER 1000Mg Delta 8+THCP HiOctane Gummy – 10 Packs

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Neon Rings
Pineapple Rings
Watermelon Rings

DIMO LOOPER 1000mg Delta 9 + THCP HiOctane Gummy – 5 Packs

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Blue Rasberry Sourbelts
Green Apple Sourbelts
Peach Rings
Rainbow Sourbelts

Looper 3G XL Disposable – 5 Pack

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Green Crack X Chemdawg SATIVA
Purple Octane HYBRID

Looper Melted Series Pre-roll Jar (7 Count) – Pack of 6 Jars Display

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Girl Scout Cookies HYBRID
Rainbowz HYBRID
Skywalker INDICA